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Insurer Credit Analysis and Assessments

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We bring our rating agency expertise to our clients who are credit investors or counterparties to insurers. We help them assess the credit quality of insurance counterparties to make investment and business decisions that are commensurate with their risk tolerance frameworks. We provide independent assessment of the financial strength of insurers on the basis of tested methodologies such as those used by global rating agencies. We provide analysis reports and dashboards summarizing credit strengths and weaknesses of the counterparty.

Why choose ADVINDO?

We spent many years as senior rating analysts within the largest global rating agency in the world, covering small, large and complex credits, through many credit cycles. We have authored rating methodologies and participated to a high number of credit committees. In addition to our tools which help us assess credit risk, our experience adds a full understanding of methodology application, credit committee dynamics and qualitative aspects helping to shape sensible opinions balancing the insights of our scoring tools and our analytical judgement.

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