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Rating Advisory for Insurers and Reinsurers

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From the day when soliciting a rating becomes a business need, we help insurers and reinsurers navigating through the complex rating process.
Before starting to engage with rating agencies, we help our clients select the agencies which rating is most likely to help them achieve their business needs.
Once decided to engage in a rating process, we advise our clients on the best ways to showcase their credit strengths and to fully understand the methodologies and tools used by rating agencies to achieve the best possible outcome.
Once rated, we assist our clients in their yearly interactions with the rating agencies, and help them assess the impact of events, such as strategic decisions, change in rating methodologies or market developments on their rating.

Why choose ADVINDO?

We are fully independent, fully focused on advising our clients and our only goal is to help them achieve the best possible rating results.


We have been credit analysts of insurers and reinsurers within international rating
agencies. We covered re/insurers based in multiple regions, experienced more than one
credit cycle, participated in authoring rating methodologies, steered a large number of
management meetings, and participated to hundreds of credit rating committees.


We have successfully advised multiple European and African insurance and reinsurance groups on their credit rating with international rating agencies.


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