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Risk Management Consulting

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We advise our clients in their strategic decisions by helping them weigh the risks and benefits generated by their growth and portfolio restructuring orientations. We bring our expertise in the areas of potential targets identification, technical and financial risks analysis, target value estimation, and capital, funding and rating implications relating to M&A operations.

We help our clients in the areas of strategic risk management, risk culture, shaping their risk framework and tolerances, risk controls, asset-liability management, and actuarial valuations. Our actuarial and credit analysis angles allow us to combine a technical approach with the big picture. This gives us a particular edge in helping our clients to focus on implementing the most impactful solutions.

Why choose ADVINDO?

We have spent a number of years assessing the impact of M&A operations on insurers


We have worked on enterprise risk management in the insurance world from different angles for over 25 years: from inside large insurance organisations, from the perspective of a global consultancy firm, and adding the high level insight of a rating agency approach.

We have developed a profound knowledge of regulation, supervisory regimes, and
accounting standards. We have collaborated with many types of insurance organisations
in multiple geographies, ranging from small, specialists to globally diverse players.


We have been part of multiple assignments where we advised clients on the actuarial and risk aspects of M&A operations.


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