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Advindo - Advisory & Independent Opinions

Credit Rating and Risk Advisory for Insurance and Reinsurance Executives

Who we are

We offer Advisory Services and Independent Opinions to insurance and reinsurance executives to help them achieve the best of their decision making.

We were established in 2019 to share our expertise in the fields of credit rating, enterprise risk management, and credit risk analysis with insurers, reinsurers and investors in the insurance sector.

We are a fully independent company. Our advices are driven by the best interests of our clients. We put our entire expertise and sector knowledge at the service of our clients and we observe the highest ethical and confidentiality standards.

Why Us

Our expertise is built on a long and diverse experience of the insurance sector in various markets and from complementary angles. It allows us understand our clients needs and provide them with advisory services and analytical opinions that help them set achievable targets and focus on the most impactful actions to realize their goals. 

We have successfully advised multiple European and African insurance and reinsurance groups on their credit rating with international rating agencies.

1. Rating Advisory

We have worked on enterprise risk management in insurance from different angles: within insurance organisations, an international consultancy firm, and a global rating agency. We have developed a profound knowledge of regulation, supervisory regimes, and accounting standards.

2. Risk Management Consulting

We have been credit analysts of insurers and reinsurers within international rating agencies. We covered re/insurers based in multiple regions, experienced more than one credit cycle, participated in authoring rating methodologies, steered a large number of management meetings, and participated to hundreds of credit rating committees.

3. Insurer Credit Risk Analysis

Our Services

We help investors in the insurance sector and counterparties to insurers and reinsurers assess the credit risk related to their investment / counterparty exposures.

Insurer Credit Risk Analysis

We help insurance and reinsurance executives achieve their strategic goals by providing them with expertise on the rating processes, methodologies, and developments, positioning them well to extract the best outcomes possible from their credit rating exercise.

Rating Advisory for Insurers and Reinsurers

We offer insurers and reinsurers risk management consulting services to help them assess and monitor the risks inherent to their decisions.

Risk Management Consulting

Other Services

In collaboration with other experts, we help companies in diverse other areas:

 • Credit Analysis for non-rated illiquid assets

 • Expert Witness

 • Transfer Pricing

 • Rating Advisory for Corporates and Governments

 • Trainings and Seminars on Credit Markets and Ratings methodologies

These services are delivered by highly qualified experts in their fields. Thanks to our partnership with SwissThink, a global experts firm, our clients benefit from the expertise of global credit experts located in various geographies.

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients.

"This success is also yours. Thank you for bringing your expertise to the team and for advising us so efficiently."

CRO, Insurance Group

"Congratulations for all your work on the project. It was critical in helping the management achieve their goal."

Senior Banker

"Thank you for your decisive, very appreciated contribution at a key moment in the operation and within very tight deadlines."

CEO, Insurance Group

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